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Changing the way you build community infrastructure by values cultured teamwork. We are a privately owned Canadian company with a mandate to become the key builder and operator of flex entertainment venues and ancillary operations throughout western Canada.

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Unprecedented Excellency in Delivery of  Private, Community and Corporate Systems & Infrastructure at no-cost through our Availability-Payments-Plan options.

Titan has carefully formulated a robust strategic plan for the initial phase of its corporate development and has attracted the leading suppliers and disciplines necessary to complete your sophisticated project .









What We Offer with The Titan Road House Models and Management

Titan Venues consults in structuring public private partnerships, with a unique private sector mission: to support and accelerate the delivery of infrastructure renewal, high quality public services and the efficient use of public assets through better and stronger partnerships between the public and private sectors.
The Titan Entertainment Group Inc. offers communities a world-class stage in a purpose built entertainment facility focused on the experience of the show and the comfort of the guests and entertainers.
The Company’s business concept is to develop and manage mid-sized multi-purpose flex complexes, with 4,500-7,100 seat capacities. The venues will offer live music, theater performances, mixed arts and entertainment, conferences, trade shows, conventions and any other event related possibilities. The public will be treated to outstanding facilities and services.
  • Community Consulting 30%
  • Titan Road House Theaters 40%
  • Custom Facilities Management 30%

Our Work Flows


Delivery of Community Infrastructure

The Titan Road House Models are developed in response to the growing trend in North America for the development of popular complexes that offer mid-capacity, with less than 8,000 person capacities.

The Right Road House Model

Smaller, flexible venues, hosting smaller niche bands, is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry. Titan offers three sizes designed for up to 7,100 seats and loaded with features designed to support & house most community groups & goals.

Facilities Management

Venues which are not too big and not too small will please the greater audience and the performer while addressing the widest market potential delivering the best return on community’s investment.

Sensible Community Spaces Specialists Defining Optimization

We are making some announcements here!
Including large and small project, Private and P3 or P4 funding available now to communities(at bond rate locked-in for 30 years) for projects to include a multipurpose flex theater complex.
Plus identifying a large interdisciplinary group of significant companies we are working with to manage all aspects of the projects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our facilitators and suppliers are committed to helping companies and communities build spaces they need and profit. To help your community stay ahead, we’re providing a wide array of help, staffing & networking, risk management, business support, & process optimization support from the consortia.

What kind of clients do you work with?
The consortium provides highly specialized consulting services & management for start-ups to existing facilities of all types from our Road House Theater Models to concert halls & performing arts, and opera houses, multi-purpose theaters, to open air amphitheaters and open field venues including historic renovations.
What is your turn around time?
Projects such as a performing arts theater can take a couple years in planning stages, then up to a few years to finalize design and build, so we see cycles of a half dozen years from initiation to completion.
We recommend our Titan Road House Models for communities requiring theaters for general use with intensive community involvement and housing many groups delivery a broad range of functions under one roof. Price and deployment is faster and management by Titan Venues options are recommended.
Do you have an volunteer program?
? Hum us a few lines ..

Just send an application to us and we will respond. Fill out a comment card here. We like people that like people and want to be involved in all aspects of community entertainment and education.

Curious Andrew Bromberg

Architect, Aedus

Arup has extensive experience with the development and delivery of complex projects.

We are very excited with the opportunity of working with Titan Venues Tateo Nakajima

Lead Consultant, Artec Consultants

We look forward to Working together on Community Projects.


Our process optimization and management specialists want to apply their procedural knowledge especially to sensible and sustainable people driven developments. M. Shane David

Process Optimization, DataLive

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