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Philip Marcus

Philip Marcus is President working with steering and oversight committees delivering hospitality and booking programs for the venues. As President Phil works with the executive to carry out the BOD directives. Philip Marcus is an accomplished musician and entertainer. During the 80’s Philip toured extensively in the US and in Canada, and played many venues from large community arenas to night clubs that supported live music.

Phil Bourque

Andrew Bromberg

Andrew Bromberg (born January 26, 1968 in Denver, Colorado) is an award winning architect. He works in Hong Kong with international architectural practice Aedas. Andrew Bromberg’s designs are balanced between humanistic influences of perception and culture, along with more contextual influences of location, climate and geography.

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Tateo Nakajima

Tateo Nakajima is a former orchestra conductor, a partner and acoustical expert for the concert hall consulting firm Artec Consultants. In the past he has worked as lead consultant for conductors, orchestras and opera companies.

Tateo Nakajima



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