Titan will consist of the following:

The “heart” of the venue complex is the stage and associated areas. The stage will accommodate a wide variety of set-ups, and feature a retractable catwalk and orchestra pit, specially designed rigging and lighting, “direct connects” to “state-of-the-art” audio and video systems, and other design-features for specialty performances.

The backstage area will have adjustable dock-height loading adjacent to the stage, and will accommodate more and larger tractor-trailers, tour buses and equipment vans. The backstage design will facilitate quick changeovers, and offer large, secure storage areas, production offices, changing and rehearsal areas, green rooms, private rooms and suites as well as other amenities.

Customers attending the Titan will enter through one of three great “Grand Foyers” designed to maximize and ease the egress. Customers will easily find directions to all the amenities or to their seating through our “Titan Ushers”. Every detail will up-lift and inspire the client to “trip the light fantastic”, while the ultra modern comfort of the show and the intimacy of the performance will astound and amaze all who attend.

Stage I
A 8,000 person capacity venue complete with balcony seating and concourses, private corporate and party suites, ‘long bars’ and food services, as well as other guest amenities.
A freestanding multi-level parking structure, built for the Venue and to service Public Transit requirements.

Stage II
A “Plus 15” sky walk from the Hotel and the Venue with the Parkade and the surrounding operations. Each additional site use such as Hotel, Office and Condos will be connected as they are completed. Once associates, guests and clients arrive at Titan they will choose to walk indoors or outdoors to the whole campus.

Stage III
Multi–storey office and residential condo complex including main floor retail space.

Stage IV
A 375-room “marquis” Hotel Complex, which will include, standard, suited, and deluxe rooms, and luxurious suites with private access, along with a restaurant, bar, dinner/café, lounge, spa, signing and meeting facilities, with accommodations for tour crews and dressing rooms.

The Market

Management has researched and assessed a broad base of data taking into consideration key market and industry trends in both formulating its business model and development plans. The Alberta Market is noted to have high disposable income levels, an expanding population, and high tech modern cities.

The Titan venue is a ‘destination-type’ facility that can attract a wide variety of performances and events with guests or patrons that span virtually every major demographic group. Live entertainment has expanded over the past decade to encompass virtually every gender of performance that includes:

Ballet, dance and live theater;
Variety, comedy and other specialty shows;
Popular music acts such as country, pop and rock bands;
Jazz and blues artists, solo performers, choral groups and orchestras; and
A range of other theatrical, dance, music and variety shows.

This expansion of the live entertainment industry is also reflected in a growth in the variety, number and caliber of performers. The growing popularity of both North American and International talent has precipitated a shift in the economics of staging such events. The mid-capacity facility is now seen as an ideal size venue to achieve optimum ticket sales and ancillary revenues, while staging festivals or groups of acts including “world renowned” or “head-line” performers.

Once the Titan is successfully operational, and as it gains recognition as a “premier” venue operator in North America, the Company will begin the process of development in other major urban centers.