Was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on
April, 15 1999.


The Titan Entertainment Group Inc. offers communities a world-class stage in a purpose built entertainment facility focused on the experience of the show and the comfort of the guests and entertainers.


The Company’s business concept is to develop and manage mid-sized multi-purpose flex complexes, with 4,500-7,100 seat capacities. The venues will offer live music, theatre performances, mixed arts and entertainment, conferences, trade shows, conventions and any other event related possibilities. The live entertainment areas of the facilities will be designed with tour production in mind, to make loading and backstage activities operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible for the artists. The public will be treated to outstanding facilities and services.

The Titan complex was developed in response to a growing trend in North America for the development of complexes that offer mid-capacity, with less than 10,000 person capacities. Smaller flexible venues hosting smaller niche bands is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry. Increasingly performers in many entertainment genres and their fans, (not to mention their crew), prefer those complexes with facilities and amenities tailored to host and meet the demands of the performers and backstage operations. Venues which are not too big and not too small will please the audience and the performer while addressing the widest market potential. The complex offers ‘multipurpose flexibility’, particularly in concert set-ups that include end and center stage, festival, and ‘intimate show’ seating.