For Communities who need infrastructure or want to complete or add management to an existing project.

The consortium improves arts and civic spaces while supplying vital services affecting quality of experience.

Summit Rescheduled to April, 8 2014



About The Roadhouse Summit

Facilities startups in cities all around the world are building incredible, innovative proposals for community entertainment space, but many lack access to the robust investment opportunities of Titan. We recognize that the need for innovation in delivery of public infrastructure is alive and well far beyond the confines of a few cities.

In April 2015, we’ll host our first annual Titan Roadhouse Summit for a cities administration and Virtual Roadhouse Tour Day, featuring top speakers from leading industry suppliers. We want to feature you! Attendees and virtual attendees and the audience is by invitation only and will be shared privately with the invitees through edited video.

We’re holding an open call for submissions until March 20, 2015, and will select ONE COMMUNITY STARTUP to pitch at the 2015 Titan Roadhouse Summit.

Read more about the 2015 Global Roadhouse Summit coming soon.

About the trip or virtual attendees

  • Attendees must book and fund their own airfare. Virtual Attendees must RSVP to Titan Admin
  • Titan Roadhouse Summit will book and cover hotel accommodations.
  • The trip includes educational talks and information on three Roadhouse models and the management options, systems & techniques, staffing options, and various events surrounding the Titan Roadhouse Summit itself.
  • Attendees need to be in Calgary or Virtually with one camera and microphone.

The Titan Roadhouse Summit participants are by invitation-only and include top Venture Capitalists.

To be eligible

  • You must have a venue startup planning and permissions ongoing or approved.
  • You must be a city & sponsored regionally . Please note that this Titan Roadhouse Summit focuses on highlighting top cities located outside regions with highly developed venture capital markets. For this Titan Roadhouse Summit, we will not highlight startups in these N. American Cities; any in California, NYC, Boston-Cambridge, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.
  • You must be actively raising a Series A round of between roughly $1,000,000 and $4,000,000.
  • You must be willing and able to travel to Calgary April, 2015 or RSVP for virtual attendance.
  • You should be passionate about building something great!
  • We will accept applications until March 20, 2015, and will notify applicants by end-March.


Reserve your seat for your delegates today or send a request for additional information